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We just finished some waffle weavetowels. They were quite a challenge to warp – primarily because we did front to back warping. Don’t get me wrong, we have mostly just done F2B warping. It is always messy but we have always been able to straighten them out, although at times they look like such a mess you’d never be able to straighten them out. This one was so bad that we thought we’d have to cut out the messy section and retie back on, 650 threads. I don’t know if we saved any time by straightening it out thread by thread but at least we saved the warp and didn’t have to tie on back all those threads.

Well the warp is off the loom and I’m in the process of hemming and finishing six towels. One of them has problems where the shafts weren’t lifting correctly on the dobby loom, an issue we’ve had problems with since we bought the loom three years ago. We never seem to weave enough on it to work out the bugs. I will need to do some hand weaving to catch some threads so the towel is usable, at least by us.

Since these are waffle weave towels, there was considerable shrinking. The measurements were/are:

On Loom: 27″

Off Loom: 24″ x 36″

After finishing: 18-12″ x 26″

Waffle Weave Towels - 4/13/2011

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